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Patient Testimonials

"Friendly and Professional!" - Eric R.

Everyone I dealt with recently at Pure Zen including Dr. Hein, Marcy, Laura, and Kamryn were friendly and professional and really cared about my care. They are a great team and I would highly recommend them!

"Highly professional!"- Rhea S.

From someone who has not been to a dentist in years, Pure Zen is very welcoming and highly professional. I love the front desk, they are so quick to respond to any questions and rescheduling. Dr. Hein is kind and does not does not make you feel bad about not seeing a dentist for so long. His assistant Laura is fabulous, easy to talk to and makes you feel very comfortable. I'm glad after not seeing a dentist for years, Pure Zen alleviated my apprehension.

"Great work!"- Micah F.

To date, this was the gentlest drilling and filling I've ever experienced over some 40 years. High tech approaches and really wonderful bed-side manners. The deep-cleaning was very, very thorough; the attention to detail was impressive. I can't applaud their work enough. Thanks!

"Wonderful people!"- Emily P

You all were wonderful! Kristen and Dr. Hein were so transparent, and Kamryn was so helpful. Thanks, all!

"Kristen is amazing!"- Delores W

Kristin is amazing. She either remembers or takes detailed notes on what is happening in my life at the current visit and asks about those things at my next visit. I find that extremely customer focused. She does a great job every time. Very knowledgeable, and really focuses on doing everything possible to make sure my cleaning is perfect. Enjoyed meeting the new dentist/owner. Very nice and has a great chair-side manner.

"Great staff!"- Matthew W.

I love the staff! Always a great experience! Very professional yet personable as well.

"Top of the line!"- Brittney B

Wish I could add more stars. Beautiful place with beautiful people. This is top of the line. It doesn't get any better than this. The staff members are attentive and very compassionate. I'm mortified when it comes to needles. I kid you not I never felt the needles entering into my gums for my fill ins. I had four fill ins that were done in under an hour and a half. Coming here revealed to me that I've been receiving inadequate care at previous dental offices. I will never go to another dentist lol. I'm happy as can be. Please come here for quality.

"I love Pure Zen!"- Karen S.

If I have to go to a dentist, this is where I need to be. I love Pure Zen. Everyone you come in contact with is nice, friendly, and helpful. If you have dental fears, this is where you should come.

"Angelique was great!"- Rebecca H.

Angelique was great! She clearly enjoys her job, and her positive attitude and demeanor made it about as enjoyable as a dental visit can be. :)

"Friendly staff!"- Lara M.

This is the best place I’ve ever been to. Staff is very nice and friendly. I have gone to two other dentists before and I changed my mind at the last minute because they make me feel very nervous, but this place got me very comfortable, and I wasn’t scared at all. The dentist is very professional and everybody there knows what they’re doing. Thank you pure Zen Dentistry!

"Great dentistry team!" -Anonymous

By far the best dentistry team I've had the pleasure of meeting! They thoroughly explain what procedures they will be doing and why. Billing is explained. I leave knowing all I need to know to get me to the next appointment. I always feel my questions are welcomed!

"My hygienist is the best!"- Felicia F.

I absolutely love my hygienist and if she was to ever leave I would be very very sad :( Since I've been coming her everyone is really nice, some have come and gone but the office has kept the same atmosphere. Marcy is great to work with and she's patient.

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