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Oral cancer is rare, but its effects can be severe if they’re not caught in time. However, it’s not the only condition that can cause abnormalities in your oral tissue. Fortunately, your oral surgeon can help you remain proactive about your oral health, and perform a biopsy of any abnormal tissue in your mouth. Biopsies can help determine the best treatment plan for you, and in some cases, save your life.

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Why should I get a biopsy?

Biopsies are usually recommended if your dentist has noticed a lesion or another irregularity in your mouth during an oral cancer screening. Oral cancer is rare, but often goes undetected unless your dentist notices its early signs. Biopsies allow your doctor to check the lesion for cancer. No matter the result of your biopsy, you’ll be able to take the right steps to protect your health both now and in the future.

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Tobacco use is one of the highest risk factors for oral cancer, with smokers having a 10x higher risk of oral cancer compared to nonsmokers.

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