Partial Dentures

Dental implants have the best look and feel for replacing missing teeth, but they are not right for everyone. There might be medical reasons that you can’t receive them, or maybe they are not within your budget. Dr. Shereen Elsahy provides an affordable alternative: removable partial dentures. What are the types of partial dentures and what are their pros and cons?

Traditional Removable Partial Dentures

[Partial Dentures] These dentures include replacement teeth in a pink, gum-colored base with a gum-colored or a metal framework. Clasps from the framework secure onto your natural teeth to keep the denture in place.

This appliance can replace several missing teeth. It’s less expensive than a dental bridge and dental implants. The disadvantages are that it’s not possible to completely conceal the clasps, so people might be able to see them, and the hardware might be somewhat uncomfortable.

Precision Attachment Partial Dentures

Many laboratories make this appliance completely out of clear or gum-colored plastic. The framework has extensions that interlock with a dental bridge or crowns. You don’t have to worry about metal clasps showing.

This partial denture is more expensive than a traditional removable one. Also, it has less stability than dental implants and crowns.

Dental Flipper

[Partial Dentures] Although the dental flipper is the least expensive partial denture, it is a temporary tooth replacement. An impression of your mouth is taken to make an acrylic plate. A tooth that is similar to the color of your natural teeth is attached to the plate. At an additional cost, clasps that secure onto your teeth can be added to the plate.

If the dental flipper is worn for an extended period, it’s not healthy for your gums. It breaks easily, so you should remove it when you eat.

A removable partial denture should be as comfortable and natural-looking as possible. Dr. Elsahy is a dentist whose post-graduate training in cosmetic dentistry will help her provide you with an appliance that fits well and blends in with your natural teeth.

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