White Fillings

Some people prefer fillings that blend in naturally with their teeth and don’t show when they laugh. Others are concerned that amalgam (often called “silver”) fillings contain mercury. If you are interested in an alternative to amalgam fillings, Dr. Eric Hein is a dentist who only places white fillings.

How are white fillings made? Glass or quartz is mixed with resin materials to make these tooth-colored composite fillings. So the fillings are natural looking and are not noticeable.


 How White Fillings Differ From Amalgam Fillings

  • They are bonded to the teeth, which makes them stronger and more resistant to fracture. Amalgam is a stronger material than composite, but it weakens teeth.
  • Teeth are less sensitive to hot and cold than with amalgam fillings.
  • They do not contain mercury. The mercury in amalgam fillings concerns some people.
  • Less of your tooth has to be removed to place the composite fillings.
  • They cost more because they require more time and skill to place.
  • They blend in naturally with your teeth. People won’t be able to tell that you have them.

Although many dentists still use amalgam fillings, particularly on back teeth, Dr. Hein doesn’t. He has post-graduate training in cosmetic dentistry and will give you composite fillings that beautifully blend in with your natural teeth.

If you are interested in white fillings, contact our office to schedule an appointment at 317-849-3444, or you may request an appointment online.